Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strike Two... Yer Out!

Opening Day started out just as great as hoped. You might even go on to say it started out better than hoped. I started the day with a quick run over to the next town over for a quick Goodwill stop, and then to Target for some Opening Day cards. It was Opening Day so why not get some well... Opening Day!

 At the Goodwill I almost bought a framed picture of Rudy Fernandez which looked to be signed, and was in a sweet frame. In the end though I'm not really a Blazers fan so it was left behind for a true Blazers fan. I probably should have bought it as the price was only $3.99, but as I said. I'm not a Blazers fan so it would have been kind of weird having it in the hobby room. At Target it was nine packs of Opening Day, and one pack of the flagship just to mix it up a little. Nothing really of note other than the cards filled in nicely with the set building.

Once home the Yankees, and Red Sox had already started. Excited for Opening Day to be in full effect now. I watched the game which added to the joy as the Yankees took their first loss of hopefully many. Afterwards they moved right into the Dodgers, and Giants. Was a great game that was well worth the watch. Love how Kershaw hit the homer in the eighth to give himself run support.

While I'm not a fan of either team I think I'd love to see more Dodgers games this season as the team looks good. After the Dodgers win it was over to the Braves, and Phillies. I have to admit that the game only got watched halfway as 'Fast and Loud' came on, and sucked me over. Watching the show the excitement was building to see the Mariners play the A's. Living up here in the Northwest I've kind of adopted the Mariners as my American League team. While I am still am a bigger Rockies fan, and always will be.

Then it happened. The reason for the name of this post. In the second, or maybe third inning the commentators for the Mariners started going off about how loud they had the music playing when they came into the stadium. I keep joking with the wife about hearing grandpa saying turn down that crazy music you crazy kids. Strike one!!!

Then in the fourth came another series of complaints about how cold it was. I guess the game started somewhere in the 60's, and started getting colder. A few comments about how cold it was getting, and... Strike Two!!! DiamondBacks, Cardinals here I come!

It was all I could take. Four innings into the season, and they have already ruined listening to Mariners games. Now I'm left with two options for a long season. I can either listen to the new guy on the radio. Which odds are is something I plan on trying. A new voice might be refreshing after years of these depressing guys on both TV, and radio. The second is I become a baseball gypsy, and roam around the stations going from team to team looking for a new home. Odds are I will start with number one, but number two is looking real good about now.

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