Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After taking Friday off work, and doing all my usual running around I do on Monday's. Then throw in a run up to Seattle for a Mariner's game on Saturday. I thought it would be best to keep it simple on Monday, and do things around the house. Having two quick errands to run with those being a run to the store for Gatorade for work, and a vet visit for the dog. I decided that I would do some arranging of things in the hobby room, and some blogscaping. The first part of the blog portion was to change the background to the page.

The new background reflects the two baseball teams I root for. Being a schedule collector, and baseball card collector. I thought it would look cool to throw baseball cards, and pocket schedules into a pile. If you look close enough the baseball cards are of the players I collect for both teams. I loved the look of the old background, but thought it would look better if it represented my likes rather than a general pile of schedules. Give it more of a personal touch.

Besides the main page improvement. I went through and added some player wants to get that page a little more updated as well. Everything added to the player wants is for 2013. They only include cards that are currently out, which means more 2013 cards will be added as new sets come out.

Last, but not least. I added wantlists for my 2013 Topps flagship, and 2013 Topps Opening Day sets I'm working on. There are a ton of cards missing as I am still slowly buying packs for both sets.

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