Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mascot Mask-A-Rade

A few weeks ago Roger who runs the website Sportscard Mask-A-Rade contacted me about having some mascot cards for my 2012 Topps Opening Day mascot subset.Happy to add take a few off the list I e-mailed him about adding the cards into the collection. As with my past trade with the Toddfather. Roger's website was calling me to add him as my second dream sequence trade posts. I liked how the Toddfather posting turned out so I thought I'd try to do it again, and who knows. If I can stay creative maybe this will be how I handle all trade posts in the future.

--The Party--
It was early on a Friday morning. Work was slow so I checked out, and decided to venture out into the world. Running around town looking for adventure, the adventure found me. Stapled to a post was a computer printed paper advertising the party of the year. Thinking to myself this might not be that great as so far it's early in the year, and parties have been few, and far between. Interest slightly peaked as I decided that nothing was going on so why not see how great this party is. Who knows maybe it could be something everyone there would talk about for years. Deciding that a party this great couldn't be attended in the rags I was wearing I had to find something original.

As the day came to an end the preparations were being finished up as I made myself presentable for tonight's festivities. Driving to the site of the party I was greeted with a crazy amount of people. The crowd made parking nearly impossible, as I ended up blocks away. Once arriving on the site the sound of Macklemore music blared through the house.

 Wandering lost for a few minutes that is when I came across a masked man. The man walked through the crowd as if he was on a mission. The figure which was obvious due to the mask, and Cardinals attire headed my direction. Once he crossed my path the unknown man stopped, and gave me a look I could see in his eyes even through the mask. Not even hesitating the man began to speak. with a seriousness I could feel. The first words from his mouth were ' I have exactly what you are looking for'. I quickly answered back with an 'I don't think so! I'm don't do that stuff'. Not wasting a motion the man pulled out a card.

'2012 Opening Day mascots son!' he fired back with. Things started to escalate from there as I came back with 'It looks good, but I'm just not sure'. Once again he responded with a 'What's not to be sure about'?  'Do I really want to go down this road'?  I thought to myself. Before I could answer the question he reached into his pocket again.

'Maybe this might help you decide' he once again came back with. Before I could come back with anything he reached in, and handed me an envelope. As I took the envelope a glimpse outside revealed the flash of blue, and red lights. Not wanting to see what they were doing at the house the scattering of people started. As I looked back in the direction of the unknown man all I could see is empty space. Thinking that this might be a clue to get leaving I made for a window myself with my new found treasures.

Once again, Thank you so much for the cards Roger. Now I just have to get an artelope ready, and show you that appreciation. As for the rest of you out there. Go check out Roger's site, and the name that inspired this party style post. Sportscard Mask-A-Rade

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  1. Hey Cat
    Glad to add to your parade of mascots! Keep on prowling!!