Friday, April 12, 2013

Going North For A Bobble-Head

Just over one week ago I posted three different bobble-heads up for trade. Not getting any takers from the readers who come here. I posted them up on the two online trading clubs I'm a member of. Adding a copy to the link for anyone interested to see what was up for grabs.

My first contact was from a fellow schedule collector, and huge fan of bobble-heads Ted. Ted runs a facebook site dedicated to bobble-heads simply called Bobblehead Collecting. It's a great site you should go check out, and are free to leave pictures of bobble-heads, and share any information about your bobble-head or any future SGA's. He's even posted a picture of the Brent Morel bobble-head from our trade on the site.

When I originally did the post I left it up to the trader to pick out whatever bobble-head was sent my way. Being from the Chicago area Ted hit me with Mike North bobble-head from the Schaumburg Flyers. The Flyers were an independent league team that ran until 2010.

Mike North from what I have been able to come up with either still is or was a sports radio personality in the Chicago area. He's had his own few radio talk shows that have been fairly popular in the area. From reading Wikipedia it seems he has had his fair share of problems as well. Sometimes he gets his mouth running, and has made some comments that got him in hot water. Either way the bobble-head is pretty cool, and I'm glad to add it with the others.

Thank You Ted for a great trade, and once again go check out his site. Tell him the Prowling Cat sent you.

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