Monday, April 11, 2016

3rd Show Of The Year, But In Beaverton

In the last month, and a half I have logged so many miles in driving that I can't wait for a slow week. I'd even go as far as to say that there hasn't been one weekend that I haven't logged over 350 miles in driving.

This weekend wasn't any better as I took the long drive north again for the Beaverton card show. If it sounds like I'm complaining I'm not. This was a show I'd wanted to hit for the last month when I saw it was coming up. The reason is while it gets a large amount of the Mall 205 dealers. It does get some new dealers that usually makes it worth the time I spend going there.

Coming home with a ton of cards that has just left me shaking my head, and wondering why I bought the cards. I did manage to come home with a decent amount of set builders as well. Any time I can find a bunch of set needs I consider that a successful trip.

If you haven't been around, and heard me talk about the 2004 Studio Stars subset. I love the look of this set, and was pleased to find two cards for the subset. Finding two cards was like hitting a jackpot being I found one originally, and added another not long ago.

These are another of those things that if you've been around you've heard tons about. After adding these into the wants, and decided to build the entire series recently. Best of all the four you see above aren't the entire find for these. The total find was eight new cards, with all being for this one set.

The crazy thing about these eight cards was I almost didn't find them. They all came from a nickel box, or 25 for a dollar. Originally I picked out ten cards, but the dealer didn't have the change. Trying to get change he sent his helper out, and while he was gone I dug into the football better than my initial search where I found these.

Closing out the finds were these 1995 Silver 'You Crash The Game' cards. Found in a quarter box where I bought eight. After getting home I learned that maybe I should have done a better job looking through the wants for these. Maybe I would have gotten something else useful instead of five doubles. Not a total loss as I'm thrilled to be crossing these three of the wants.

Overall it wasn't a bad show despite me spending more than I probably needed to. I had more money than usual, and instead of smart spending I went buckwild. Normally I'm much smarter with the budget, and try to stick with cards that either fit the set wants, or have a home already in mind. The next card show won't be for quite awhile, but it's been a great ride in the three I've hit.

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  1. Congrats on finding some cards you need. Those Studio Stars cards probably don't pop up very much anymore.