Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Lost Files- Road America, & Kansas

The good news is there haven't been too many of these posts this year. The bad news is with these two having hit the over two month mark since being sent out. I am at the same amount of artelopes missing this year as I had all of last year. It seems like my missing atelopes go in pairs, and this is no different. Sent out in early June while I was on a roll in getting returns from racetracks. These two broke that streak.

Road America is a road racetrack that hold a race at NASCAR's lower level Nationwide Series. The idea for the artwork was the tracks logo, but I wanted to take that one step further. After ruining a couple envelopes the design finally came together.

Kansas speedway is the newest track on the NASCAR circuit. Becoming a very popular track they did have some major traffic problems the first year of holding a NASCAR race. Widening the road eased the problems, and have helped keep the tracks popularity. This wasn't one of my greatest drawings on an envelope. At the time I was almost more desperate to get a request sent than focusing on how good my artwork for the request was. Maybe a second request in the future with better artwork will net a result.

Now that I have finally given up hope on these two requests. There are only four remaining requests pending. Three are for baseball teams, and the fourth my proudest is for football schedules. Hopefully I will get some good news on these soon.

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