Monday, February 15, 2016

Joining The 2016 Topps Party

Since they came out, and haven't been very well received on the blogs. The 2016 Topps cards were a kind of thing that I was not sure if I wanted to buy any packs of. Then came today, and the daughter wanting to make a trip to the evil big box store. While There I just felt the need to buy what will probably be my only pack of 2016 Topps.

For my first card I think I did ok with Jon Lester. Ironically this is the second straight year that my first card pulled was a Cubbie. Last year it was Javier Baez attempting to turn two.

Rather than bore people with tons showing off all the cards, or listing them one by one. I am sticking with just the few subset stuff.

This card has a shiny look that the daughter noticed right away, and was fascinated by. Not a bad person to get one of these for if you ask me. If there is a Stanton collector out there who wants this card it is available.

The remainder of the subsets like Stanton are all up for grabs if you'd like any of them.

Most brutal about all the cards was not one of them fit into my personal collection. This is the reason I will be sticking with the plan of just buying the cards for my player collections. No reason to accumulate a bunch of unwanted cards when I can just simply buy the cards I need.

Next up will be the Opening Day cards that come out in the near future. Being I have been collecting the mascot subset. There are very high odds that a decent amount of packs will be bought in hopes of acquiring some of those. Currently I'm teetering on the edge of if I want to go the route of building the set, and subsets. Who knows which route I travel as I am currently undecided on my feelings about the 2016 Topps design.


  1. Wow, that Seaver card might be the ESPN-ish of all.

  2. are you coming up for the show this weekend. I have some things for you. email me at padrographsatlivedotcom