Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Schedule Says It's Baseball Time!

One of my hobbies that I enjoy is collecting pocket schedules. It's a hobby that somehow sprang out of my time collecting baseball cards early on. After I had stopped collecting baseball cards when I moved. Add in that to be honest, I was in baseball cards as an investment like so many in the early 1990's. I had picked up a few Seattle Mariners that had Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover. Thinking that one day if baseball cards bounced back, that maybe a Griffey schedule would be worth a good penny.

Who would guess that ten years later I'd be going through my few boxes of baseball cards looking to throw out what has become worthless. Not wanting to carry around these cards that who knows why I still even had them. Yet thinking that maybe I can finish off a few sets that I had a bunch of cards for yet never started to build. Sorting through the stuff there they were sitting in with all the Griffey baseball cards. A couple pocket schedules. Thinking that they were cool in their own sort of way and wanting to learn a little more.

So a search followed on the internet about schedules. That day I came across a few websites for schedule traders and thought it might be fun to dip my toes in the water. Here I am 10 years later from then, and it's amazing how things have changed again. While I still have most those baseball card sets still needing completed. Which until recently I was waiting for the cards to just appear out of mid air and complete the sets. I have added to that list, and am actually having fun with the hobby again. Heck, I've even went into three card shops to buy Mark Teixeira cards. Even learned about another set or two that have been added to the list. Since starting this blog I just sent out my first two trades to other bloggers with both being for fun stuff, not with a certain goal in mind. Baseball cards are fun again!!!

Now where was I? Oh Yeah! Writing about a pocket schedule trade I just got my half of. So a fellow schedule collector Scott Little sent an e-mail to the schedule trading group with an offer for these three schedules.
                                                     Lake Erie Monsters (AHL)

While they all look the same to you. Much like baseball cards schedules have their variances. With schedules though it's more times than not the sponsor on the back. It's quite often a team will put out a cover, but with many different sponsors of the schedule on the back. While I'm not much of a hockey buff, there are around 4-5 teams I do collect. So when he offered up three new backs for one of those teams I was on-board.
Not having anything he needed I offered him up my webpage of traders. A day later the response came back with a list of stuff he needed. So a bigger trade came out of a simple e-mail. As is done in the blogger world, it's the same in schedule collecting. A few extra passengers are always on board from both my side, and his. While I'm not going to show the passengers there was some great stuff in there that will be added into my traders list. I am going to show the schedules that will be making their way into my personal collection. Four were brand new covers, and four were missing sponsors. So without further ado.... Eye candy

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