Saturday, December 22, 2012

He's Right! These Cards Really Are Cool!

                                                                (some eye Candy)

When I decided to join everyone else in the fun of writing a blog. The idea was to show off some of the daughters artwork as we write to teams for both schedules, and business cards. Kind of a post the pictures, and see if anyone had any interest in seeing what was going on.

Then as I was putting the page together the thought of well I do like baseball, and baseball cards. So why not throw up wantlists for those sets that I've been trying to finish, but haven't been trying too hard to finish. Give me a little more flash to the page.

With all that in mind if you would have told me six months ago. Heck, even one month ago. That I would be doing a trade with another blogger, and he would be from Japan. I would have told you that I was excited about the chance to add some schedules from a Japanese team or two. The funny part is this trade was all about the baseball cards. Even wilder is these cards I got in return wouldn't even be anything that goes in those started sets. No these were Japanese cards, and on my end it would be all about getting some really cool cards. All except for three players I have heard of, and a stack of guys that I don't even know how good they are.

                                                             (more eye candy)

This trade was with Ryan the man who does the blog This Card Is Cool. I would hope you check out his blog often. If not you need to get over there and do it. He posts some sweet looking Japanese cards on there. Some of which I am very lucky to have in my hands now.

The great part about this next card to me atleast. Is I got this trade in on Thursday, but had to wait until today to write up about this trade. So while I waited the extra day, Ryan was able to put it as part of his Friday post about a get together with someone in Japan. This meant that Justin gets double billing as I get to show him off as well.

The bummer part is with the Mariners making the trade for Morales from the Angels. Does this mean Smoak's days are numbered or does Justin still have a spot as the first baseman?

                                                                                (even more eye candy)

Ryan I want to let you know that you made me one very happy collector. From your last e-mail there was no telling how long it would take to get this puffy. So when I opened the mailbox Thursday, and it was the only thing in there. I was so pumped that usually I wait until after dinner to open the mail. This bad boy was ripped open the second I sat down.

For the record. This was my first trade as a blogger, and I don't think I could have gotten a better first trade.
                                        (one last bit of candy. Because who doesn't love a mascot?)


  1. I'm glad you're happy with the cards! Next time I get a chance to look through CardGen cards, I'll look for some of your other favorite players. There were schedules in the package too, right? A couple? I hope! I will gather schedules for you in 2013, too, and if I can find business offices maybe some business cards.

    1. Yes the schedules were there. Kind of got tossed aside for later because of how cool the cards are.