Thursday, December 20, 2012

Team 2000- Baseball 13-18

 13 Gregg Olson -- Playing 14 seasons from 1988 to 2001. Olson came into the league with the Orioles, and instantly became one of the leagues premiere closers. His ability earned Olson the honor of being the first closer ever to win the AL Rookie Of The Year. Playing for nine teams over that time frame Olson never regained his ability from early in his career. With his best seasons all coming in Baltimore.
   I have been on the fence more than any player so far on what to rate Olson due to his strong start. As a member of the Orioles Hall-Of-Fame I thought push or maybe success. Then I got thinking that his best years were all before this set came out. Looking from the point 'Team 2000' was released to the end of his career. Olson was used as a middle reliever, and set-up man. His numbers weren't that great after Baltimore, so unfortunately I have to give him a

14 Kevin Morton -- Drafted 29th overall by the Boston Red Sox in 1989. It wasn't until 1991 before Morton made his debut. Starting with a bang by pitching a complete game 10-1 win over the Detroit Tigers. It was all downhill from there for the young pitcher. Ending the season with a 6-5 record, and 4.59 ERA. Sent back to the minors at seasons end. Morton would never make it to the major leagues again.

15 Tim Naehring -- Drafted in 1988 by the Boston Red Sox. Naehring made his debut for the team in 1990. as a back-up third baseman until 1995 his stats weren't very impressive. Once given the job as the starter Naehring's hitting numbers started to climb. Then in his third season as a starter a season shoulder injury ended what was becoming a career best season. The injury ended Naehring's career as well.

16 Dave Hollins -- Drafted in 1987 by the San Diego Padres, a team Hollins would never play for in the MLB. It wasn't until 1990 that Hollins made his debut for the Philadelphia Phillies. Hollins would play for 12 seasons with the Red Sox, Twins, Mariners, Angels, Blue Jays, Indians, and again with the Phillies. With playing time that fluctuated each season Hollins only batted .260 for his career. Returning to the Phillies his final season. Hollins was only able to get 17 at bats before a reaction to a spider bite put him on the disabled list.

17 Sandy Alomar, Jr. -- The son of former MLB second baseman Sandy Alomar Sr., Alomar was a highly regarded catcher who played 20 seasons in the MLB. Starting with the Padres but the back-up for Benito Santiago it wasn't until a trade to the Indians that Alomar was able to come into his own. Becoming the first rookie catcher to start an all-star game, Alomar won Rookie Of The Year and Gold Glove honors as well. Ending his career with 6 all-star game selections, and MVP for the 1997 all-star game. After retiring in 2007 Alomar entered into coaching as is the current bench coach for the Cleveland Indians.

18 Albert Belle -- One of the leading sluggers during the 1990's. Belle was a fearsome hitter that had major anger problems that hampered his entire career. Becoming the first player ever to hit 50 home runs, and 50 doubles. Despite all the hitting success teams were weary over whether they wanted the volitle Belle in their line-up. Ending his career in 2000 Belle was a 5 time all-star, 5 time Silver Slugger, and 3 time AL RBI Champion. If not for the anger problems dragging Belle down. His career stats might have even been better, and ranked with the all time greats.
                                                            SUCCESS (but barely)

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