Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Got Shutout and Still Won

To anyone who hasn't been reading this blog since it started a month ago. Every Monday has been my thrift shop and errands day. As luck would have it, this Monday was just thrift shopping without the errands. Unfortunately this could be my last week of doing the thrift shop thing for awhile. Errands might still have to be done, especially next week as the wife needs one thing to finish off her Christmas. The bad part was how I did this week.

I started by getting a late start which left me feeling this was going to not go so well. Despite the start I wasn't going to be persuaded to skip the trip. So off to what has become my favorite Goodwill. Once arriving I started the usual search down row after row, but found nothing. The closest to even a sniff was some sort of Ben Roethlisberger snowglobe. It had some huge Steelers glove and Ben in a snowglobe being held by the glove. For starters I'm not even close to being a Steelers fan, especially at $12.99. Half price might have caught me but it wasn't the right color tag.

Once finished I wanted to make a short stop at an LCS to get a box to put some sets I've been working on. Hopefully the box will get me a little more organized and help keep the sets easier to find and add cards into. Now I have to get organized enough to get the cards in the box. Once finished it was off to two more Goodwill's. Two more chances to get shutout, and shutout I was. These ones were so bad for my search that I didn't even get close to considering a purchase. Heading home disappointment was all over my face.

Arriving home the thought of writing something about the day crossed my mind. Maybe I'll just throw a picture of some random card for some eye candy to finish it off. The idea crossed my mind to just skip the whole day and continue with the 'Team 2000' for another day. Then the mail truck drove past to the boxes. Taking the dog on over as it's starting to be a tradition. Great way to get the dog outside for a pee break and short walk, very short walk.Once opening the box it became obvious that the card I would use as a picture was picked for me.

This beauty was sent to me by Jeff, and Debbie Levitsky. They are fellow members of the Yahoo group TradingBases. Along with this card, I got another return from the Artelopes. Being it's basketball season this return was from the Cincinnati Bearcats. In honor of the daughter's artwork I am going to show off the Artelope, and skip the schedules.
What was sent back was the best return I've gotten from the Bearcats in a few years. 4 different schedules. Three covers for the men's team and one for the women's team. It had a quick turnaround of seven days.

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