Friday, December 28, 2012

Team 2000-- Baseball 43-48

 43 Robin Ventura -- Playing from 1989 until 2004 for the White Sox, Mets, Yankees, and Dodgers. With average hitting stats that fluctuated sometimes into greatness and sometimes forgettable. Despite the hitting Ventura was a great defensive third baseman who earned 6 Gold Gloves. Injured in 1997, Ventura returned earlier than expected but was injured way beyond what he let on. The injury would hamper the rest of his career and was the reason he finally retired. Ventura is currently the manager for the Chicago White Sox

44 Milt Cuyler -- Drafted by the Detroit Tigers and making the MLB in 1990. Cuyler became a huge disappointment that didn't get much time playing for the Tigers. Never reaching his potential the Tigers released the struggling outfielder who signed with the Red Sox. Playing very limited time Cuyler signed with the Montreal Expos. Unable to make the team Cuyler didn't play one MLB game in 1997. The following season as contract with the Rangers gave Cuyler a last chance. Playing in only seven games and spending most the year in the minors. Cuyler started 1999 in the minors again and retired at seasons end.

45 Gregg Jefferies -- Playing 14 years from 1987 until 2000. Jefferies came into the league with huge projections for his future. Playing time was limited though his first two seasons as all positions were filled. His third season the Mets traded second baseman Wally Backman to clear space for Jefferies. Not living up to the projections after a couple seasons, the Mets traded Jefferies to the Royals in 1992. Time with the Cardinals, Phillies, Angels, and Tigers followed before retirement. Ending his career with a .289 batting average, 126 home runs, and 663 RBI's Jefferies never did reach the potential most expected but had a solid career.

46 Scott Radinsky -- Drafted by the White Sox and debuting in 1990. Radinsky was a middle reliever who played 11 seasons. With stats that don't tell the entire story as Radinsky was brought in sometimes to face only a hitter to at most a full inning. Only pitching in 481 2/3 inning for his entire career. Radinsky only allowed 33 home runs, and acquired 358 strikeouts. Honestly if this was a normal pitcher he'd be a bust, but this was what he was used for so.

47 Ken Griffey, Jr. -- Playing for 22 seasons from 1989 until 2010. Junior was one of the most popular players to ever play in the MLB. A great defender in the outfield and an even better hitter. Junior was the standard for centerfielders with his range and willingness to sacrifice his body to make the play. A 13 time all-star, 10 time Gold Glove winner, and 7 time Silver Slugger.
While it's not related. I was lucky enough to see Junior in his prime at the Kingdome once. Watching him take batting practice is something I will always remember. It was amazing to see him hit ball after ball out with what looked like such ease.

48 Roberto Alomar -- Playing from 1988 until 2004 at second base. Alomar is considered by some to be one of the best to play the position ever. Playing in more all-star game, and winning more Gold Gloves than any other second baseman it's hard to argue that he isn't. Elected to the Hall-Of-Fame in 2010 which was his second year of eligibility. Alomar became the first player ever elected as a Blue Jay.

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