Sunday, December 16, 2012

Team 2000- Baseball 1-6

While we all know about the time frame of the 90's being known as the 'Steroid Era'. I'm not going to get into the whole who did what with this series of players. I'm going to deal with what they accomplished during their time playing, and grade them based on those stats. Simply put, Sosa was a part of this set. I'm going to look at his stats and grade his contributions to the teams he played for. Along with just going with the stats, if a player had a couple good seasons before the set came out. Then suddenly had a career that nosedived. He will be graded on his career after this set came out as the idea for the set was as a future star assessment.

1. Mike Mussina -- Making his MLB debut in 1991. Mussina had an 18 years career playing for the Orioles, and Yankees. Winning 15 games or more 11 of those seasons, and 20 wins in one year. A workhorse that averaged over 200 innings pitched per season. Mussina also won 7 gold gloves, and played in 5 all-star games. As a Yankee the team made two World Series appearances in 2001 and 2003, losing both. Finishing his career with 270 wins and 153 losses. Mussina was inducted into the Orioles hall-of-fame this past season in August.

2 Phil Plantier -- Playing only 8 seasons with five teams. This included three stints with the Padres. Known for his home run ability in the minors which led to Plantier skipping double A baseball altogether. Once in the MLB, Plantier was unable to keep his success going by only hitting 91 home runs for his career. Unfortunately home runs wasn't the only part of his game lacking. Plantier batted a measly .243 with 292 RBI's.

3 Frank Thomas -- Nicknamed the 'Big Hurt' during the 1992 season. Thomas began his career in 1990 and retired in 2010 despite not playing since 2008. Playing the bulk of his career for the Chicago White Sox, and only two years apiece for the Athletics then Blue Jays. Thomas was known for his huge home run power with 521 for his career. A five time all-star, four time Silver Slugger,and AL MVP twice. After a couple seasons the White Sox retired Thomas's number in 2010. Still honoring the great in 2011 a life size bronze statue was added to the outfield concourse.

4 Travis Fryman -- Drafted in 1987 out of high school by the Tigers. It wasn't until 1990 before he debuted in a Tigers uniform. Playing 13 years with 8 for the Tigers and finishing his career as an Indian. Originally a short-stop Fryman spent most his career at third, but did get playing timer at short as well. Retiring in 2002 after an injury plagued 2001, and 2002 seasons. Ending his career Fryman had a .274 batting average with 223 home runs and 1022 RBI in 1698 games. Finishing with  5 time all-star selections, one Gold Glove , and Silver Slugger.

5 Kevin Appier -- Making his official first appearance for the Royals in 1989. Appier's rookie season was 1990. A pitcher who's win-loss record doesn't tell the whole story due to his time with the struggling Royals. Appier played 16 seasons with stints for the Kansas City Royals twice, Oakland A's, New York Mets, and Anaheim Angels. A one time all-star with Kansas City, and World Series Champion with the Angels. Appier finished with a 169-137 win-loss record, 3.74 ERA, and 1994 strikeouts.

6 Chuck Knoblauch -- A second baseman drafted by the Minnesota Twins. Knoblauch had very early success once in the league. Winning American Rookie of the Year honors, and a World Series in 1991. Playing for the Twins until 1997 Knoblauch asked to be traded, and was finally dealt. Once traded to the Yankees, Knoblauch went on to three-peat as a World Series Champion. The following season while playing for a fourth consecutive championship. Knoblauch struggled at both fielding and the plate. A benching for the final game followed before leaving to the Royals as a free agent. One season in left field along with another bad season. Knoblauch wasn't offered another contract and retired.

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