Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Your Guy Plays For The Enemy

This morning I was in the shower when the idea for a post about what happens when your favorite player plays for the enemy. I'm not talking just another team in the same league or division. We are talking the team that you despise beyond all other teams. For me the player is Mark Teixeira and the team is the Yankees.

See everything was fine when 'Tex' played for Atlanta. Going to Baltimore was fine. Then he signs the deal to become a member of the 'Evil Empire'. So what is a fan to do? Do you drop the guy and move on? In this day and age that's plain crazy talk. With guys trading teams like we trade their baseball cards you have to overlook this and move on like the player has. While I still despise the Yankees and always will. I find myself rooting for success whenever Mark steps to the plate. The hope is just that the Yankees will be down enough that even his great at bat will not be enough to help the Yankees win. The hardest part of rooting for him now is when I get a new card of 'Tex' sporting the Yankee stripes. At first it stings a little but the card or cards still find their way into the binder.

Now how would I handle this situation if my player was a pitcher? Flash over at Third Dropped Strike ponders this question with Phil Hughes. I recommend going over and reading the story. As I was dreaming about writing this at a later date. Upon reading his story I just had to answer.

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