Monday, November 12, 2012

Football and Goodwill

Saturday the wife wanted to go out and get some shopping done and some scouting for Christmas. Halfway to our first destination she looks over and says how about Buffalo Wild Wings and watching the Beavers play? That exact thought had crossed my mind when she first talked about where we were going as I've been craving some wings and fried pickles for around a month. Was going to mention it to her later while shopping and maybe hit her with seeing about going to Goodwill afterwards. The store there is one of my favorites as I barely ever leave without hitting some sort of jackpot of stuff for the hobby room. Skipping over the shopping as who really cares about that journey.
        We arrive at Buffalo wild Wings and get a seat just below the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game. All the other big screens were set to Oregon State vs. Stanford and so far it wasn't looking good. When we finally left the girl serving us kept claiming we couldn't leave until after the game was over. After walking out of Goodwill with the goods, I think it was best we missed the finish as the wife wasn't happy about the loss. Not being a huge fan of the home teams, more of a Cinn. Bearcats and Utah Utes fan. It did suck though as I do root for them on a certain level.
       So while in Goodwill the treasures were finding their place in my arms. One of the many things I collect has been logo baseballs. They have made a great form of art in the room as I have some sitting in a bowl and others in glass vases. One of the last rows I went through was sporting goods. On Monday I was just in this Goodwill so my hopes of finding a new ball was slim until I came across this beauty in quite a large pile of baseballs.
Some of my favorite baseballs have been the Disney ones which were picked up on trips to Disneyland. Even without Disneyland or Disney World being on the ball it was a must have for the collection and a nice possible finish to the Disney vase of balls.
      My luck wasn't over yet as in the rows of nic nacs were these three beauties looking for a home.
Mike Cameron, Victor E. Viking (Portland State Vikings mascot), and Edgar Martinez. The Mariners both say 2001 on them and look to be Mariners Store type bobbles. What Mariner fan doesn't love Edgar for everything he did for the Mariners during his career? The Cameron bobblehead is my second with Cameron as I have a dual bobbler that just so happens to commemorate the great 2001 season the Mariners had. Victor was a special basketball giveaway by the Vikings who won the Big Sky Championship and got their first ever invite to the NCAA Championship Tournament. While the Mike Cameron and Edgar Martinez bobbleheads have already found a home on the shelf. Victor E. Viking is a double and is up for other bobblehead trade offers.

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