Thursday, November 22, 2012

Challenge Accepted!!

A blog known as ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession does a contest once a week I hear. Kind of bummed about coming across the site now I have to admit. Last weeks was talking about your sports teams. I missed it though so time to move on. This weeks challenge is to post about something sports or card related you are thankful for. While I don't think it's any form of requirement I thought it'd be cool to post here.
          My most thankful thing would be for my wife. While most would be sitting there thinking well DUH! I'm thankful for my wife to but why post about it. Much like myself and all of you out there reading this. She is a huge sports fan. While not doing the collecting cards or anything. She loves her college football, baseball, and NASCAR. She even refers to college football as the happiest time of the year. You have got to love that! Sometimes she will even come home from work with stories of scaring off a guy who tried to impress her with a story of something sports related. Laughing a little about how they had no clue about the full story or that the bit of news they shared was three weeks old. Then she ends up correcting them as the exit stage left in a rush.
      NASCAR is coming close to college football though. A big Kyle Busch fan. We now spend Sunday's and sometimes even Saturday's keeping up with how Kyle is running. If not at home she has the page saved on the cell phone and is constantly giving updates.
      How can't I be thankful for that? How many guys get to marry a woman who shares our passion for sports instead of the usual. Baseball again? How many more days until this seasons over?

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