Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Baseball and Star Trek Mix

While spending my normal off day looking through baseball cards this card suddenly came to the front and said give me your time.

                                       The 2006 Upper Deck Star Attractions sub-set.
Looking at this card just screamed somehow my baseball card ended up in an episode of Star Trek. This entire set spared no expense in making sure that those of us who remembered Star Trek would know where this card was from. Lets start with the text that says "I am from the future". Making sure that you realized this fact they ended it with the star as an extra bit of goodiness. Then if all this didn't convince Trekkie's that this was their set. Upper Deck went with the final frontier background as a touch of classiness. If all this evidence I'm presenting doesn't convince you I know this will.

 I am left wondering just one thing with this set though. Why couldn't Upper Deck go with some sort of spaceship coming out of the card and put the team logo on that? Would it have made their intent too obvious on this set or was it just to costly getting the rights for the ship?
    Doing some further research the sub-set name came up two other times as well. So while this wasn't the first time or last time it was used by Upper Deck. Personally it was the most memorable. The original set being created in 1997 with it's gimmick being that the cards were die cut. Who knows why it took until 2006 to finally revive the sub-set. It didn't take quite the time frame for Upper Deck to give it a third run in 2008. Compared to the original and the latest version the 2006 was a bit overkill. While in 1997 the set contained 20 cards. The 2006 set boosted up to 100 cards with 50 in series one and another 50 in the update series. In 2008 the series dropped back to a decent size at 10 cards. While it wasn't the first or last time for the set it had to be the best.

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