Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now This Is More Like It.. Card Shop- part 2

With the bust of card shop number one and my desire to add cards still strong. I was off to the second and far as I know only other card shop in town. Now this guy knew how to treat perspective customers. As I opened the door I was met with a hello and how may I help you? The answer came quick with a "Mark Teixeira cards?" Without wasting any time he pointed me to a series of boxes directly behind me and said "Yankees right?" As I started going through cards he even came over and started to look through the box with me. Pulling a few I was happier but still not fully content with the results.
          With the box gone through I started to wander a bit hoping for something to hit me upside the head. There has to be more I thought to myself as I noticed box after box of football, and basketball. Looking in the corner buried behind a bunch of football was 5 for a dollar baseball cards. The cards all sorted by teams like the slightly more expensive boxes I had just gone through. Knowing Mark started as a Ranger I started there. Pulling a few more I was getting a little happier with all I'd been through.
As I finished with the Rangers, a voice to my left from the Rockies section of cards called. Thinking if they are calling me there must be something I need from that row of cards. The search started when I came across a new set that I never knew existed.
From what I have read this set is a sort of misfit in the hobby world. Something about Upper Deck not spending the time to do the cards right. Pictures not from the game on the card and other things I haven't read about yet. Personally I like the idea, and will be adding these cards to my wantlist. Only the Rockies games though. If I ever do finish the Rockies I might move on to the Mariners. Besides the Upper Deck 2008 Documentary, I found two other basic Rockies cards that will find their way into what will be a Rockies binder starting after Christmas. Have to wait until then as binders and pages for the business cards collection are on the Christmas list.

                  As I made my direction towards the counter proud of my card haul. In my heart there was still something missing. The chance to think about what it was given as the owner had another customer walk in with four autographed baseball player photos.  His claim was he was wanting to know if he got a good deal as they were purchased at an auction. I think he was just looking to unload these things. Listening a little, they weren't authenticated as PSA wouldn't because some guy had already did it.  PSA I guess refused to authenticate anything he had already authenticated. Their claim according to the customer is anything he authenticates is automatically considered a forgery. As he kept talking he said something about the fact PSA had authenticated it at one time but took it back.The whole thing seemed weird to me, and odds are too the card shop owner as well. Finally the guy went through each picture saying how much he bought them for before picking them up and moving on. Looking back on it, felt like I was watching storage hunters or something at a card shop wanting a price for their goods. Hoping to get an offer after the value was discovered.  Only problem is the camera was missing, and the owner wasn't impressed.

        By the time he finally left I had figured what was missing. Looking at the rows of packs for sale I saw NASCAR cards. As the owner started adding up the damages I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if he had any commons of NASCAR hiding someplace. As luck would have it he had opened a few packs. Going behind a half wall he came back with a small box of cards. While there weren't many of the NASCAR variety. He did have great selection from mine, and the wife's favorite driver Kyle Busch.

As I finally arrived to the end pulling all cards with Kyle on them I finally got a feeling of accomplishment from this trip. Paying for the cards it was off to Goodwill which ended up being a huge waste of time. Still how could I complain as this was a great trip.

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  1. I think the idea for the Documentary set was awesome, but the effort was just not there for me. Still, the curse of a team collector will have me building the Mets set. Should be a fun project though. I may pick up a box of it soon so if I do I'll be sure to help you out!