Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog For This Huge Message

I'm a couple days late with this as it was announced on Thursday from what I can tell. Maybe it was that the 2012 season was kind of a blur for me in MLB baseball. With starting this blog and if I can convince the wife a trip to Seattle for Mariner Fest in the new year. I'm starting to get a little more into the MLB scene. Don't take that though as I'm lacking in my desire to watch baseball. That couldn't be farther from the truth. In 2012 I went to probably ten or so games for the local collegiate league team and one Northwest League game. So what was the big news? Seattle announced that this bad boy would be sitting in Safeco Field starting in the 2013 season.
                                             (Thanks to the Mariners website for the photo)

This screen is supposed to be the second biggest in all of sports and the biggest in baseball. I know speaking for myself I can't wait to just see the awesome size of this screen in person. According to what I could come up with it is within 100 feet in pure size of the Cowboys Stadium screen. This has got me thinking about one thing though. From reading about high definition screens for the home. They claim is you need to be a the size of the screen X 2.5 from your flat screen to maximize viewing. So for a screen that is over 1000 feet. I'd what, need to be a mile or so away? Seems like kind of a waste to me, but hey it's big! Not only do they recommend the distance for maximum viewing. You need to be dead center to enjoy that view. So while I bet this thing looks awesome from your seats behind home plate. What about those of us who won't be behind home plate? I do know one thing. They had better not raise ticket prices more to pay for that screen. The price increase along with gas prices from 2012 put me in the minors and would do the same this year.

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