Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Trip of Goodwill That Ends Up Being On Target

So Monday's are my days off and the day I try to get some errands the wife wants me to do. Other weeks it's just a day to sit around and hang out with the dog being lazy. This week was of the errands variety. On Sunday the wife dropped a big hint in the name of circled items in the newspaper ads. Then brings the paper over with an I need these for Christmas. How can any guy turn down and easy Christmas present idea? I'll still have to get more stuff but atleast that was easy.
    Getting a cleaning at the dentist out of the way. It was time to start the Errands part of the adventure. Things didn't go perfect as the store was out of one of the two items on the list so it'll mean another trip over in a few weeks. Thinking about it that might not be such a bad thing though.   

          Next was my first of two Goodwill store stops. The first store has boxes of baseball cards at times and this time was no different. I have to admit a little something though. Until yesterday I never look at those boxes but for some reason I just wanted to buy some baseball cards. Going through the first box there was a bunch of 1992 or so Stadium Club stuff. The second was and third were mostly football and basketball. Nothing exciting there as the basketball was 1990 Skybox. The fourth box was dead as well with 1992 baseball junk. The fifth and last I came across showed tons of promise. Loaded up with what looked to be 1994 Collectors Choice and Collectors Choice silver signatures. With the way the other boxes were prices for that size I though five bucks and she's mine. Might be fun to try and finish the silver signatures. Then came the surprise as I flipped the box to reveal an 8 dollar price tag. No sale I thought to myself and moved on with empty hands as I left the store.
           Second Goodwill was just a waste of time. As the closest prospect for a purchase was a football helmet that was for San Jose. While in great shape I just couldn't pull the trigger on that one either. I'm starting to feel a trend going on here. So it was off to the mall as I needed to hit Bath and Bodyworks for some stocking stuffers for the daughter. While there I thought to myself I was going to get me some cards today. After the stuffers were bought it was off to Target. It's been I believe 2009 since the last time I bought any cards. So there I was like a lost puppy wondering what to do. NASCAR was the desired selection but all that was available was a very light box with a guaranteed hit but at 19.99 it was a no go. So more thought was needed before I picked out two packs of 2012 Topps series one. Then two steps later those were back in the box and two packs of update were in their place. Another step later two packs of Triple Play were sitting inside that same hand with the two other packs. With it pouring rain outside it'd be at home before they could be opened. Once home though it was time for the pack fun.
#7 Ian Kennedy
#66 Pedro Alvarez
#207 Matt Holliday
#136 A-Rod
#2 of 6 Eye Black
#235 Ian Kennedy

#74 Felix Hernandez **
#9 Matt Wieters
#53 Ike Davis
#212 Evan Longoria
#178 Orlando Hudson
#11 slugger
#268 baseball 101- home run

215 Brian Bogusevic
324 Jamey Wright
253 Ryan Webb
165 Jacob Turner
254 Jason Marquis
315 Ross Detwiler
112 Eduardo Escobar
187 (red) John Jaso
501 (gold) Matt Capps (1287/2012)
Golden Moments- Ian Kennedy
184 Stephen Strasburg
6 Carlos Gonzalez **
258 Josh Vitters
270 Luis Ayala
35 Craig Breslow
97 Shelley Duncan
190 Francisco Cordero
38 Elian Herrera
179 Matt Adams
246 Miguel Cabrera AS
76 Adam Dunn AS
GG-83 Harmon Killebrew
299 Bryce Harper AS
BB-19 Ryne Sandberg **

Not a bad haul if I say so myself. Everything except for the cards with ** behind them are up for trade offers..

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