Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You

So I had this plan to do a post on my trip from yesterday when it hit me that today was the official Veterans Day. With that in mind it was only natural that instead of writing that post it had to be about our veterans. So the trip from yesterday and all the goodies that came from it will be pushed back one day. These are the people that have made everything we are allowed to do in this country possible so they have to be #1. While I was never in the military myself I respect all that these people have given to us and the ones that still sacrifice, and the military people who will make those sacrifices in the future. As a collector of various sports items and business cards. This morning it came to me that I would show off some of the business cards I have related to the military and the four branches.

First isn't a card from a branch but from one of the college bowl games.
You have to love a bowl game that allows people to donate tickets to these great people who protect our nation. The game scheduled to be played on December 27th is still one of the many considering their team options.

Now onto the four branches and some recognition. You will notice that I have whited out the contact information. First reason is these cards have a few years on them and I couldn't tell you if the they are still valid. Second is while I'm giving them props by leaving their name so we can remember these great men for their service. They do deserve some privacy by me not giving out their contact information.

The first card for the army is a great one. I mean who doesn't love the modern day camouflage represented on this card? Next would have to be my favorite. I was born with a father in the Air Force and was in until I was 6 years old. I still remember going to a couple open houses back then and getting to see and sit in some of the jets they flew.

Gotta love a card that proudly presents an eagle. Have to say though that it is a bit of a disappointment there isn't a battle ship in the background. Last but not least by a long shot, the toughest men going. Great logo with the eagle and anchor.
Once again.

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