Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Do I Do Now?

While most of America sits back this Sunday watching their NFL games all excited. I fall under the small community that isn't part of the NFL empire.While I will sometimes watch part of the playoffs and the entire Super Bowl. The other part of the season is of no interest to me. On a regular Sunday there would be NASCAR and joy in the house. With Brad Keselowski winning the Championship last weekend, ending the season until February.
While I am excited that someone other than Jimmie Johnson won. I am disappointed that the season has ended. My real driver Kyle Busch was on a roll. A roll so strong that he would have been a serious contender for the title had he been one of NASCAR's 12 in the chase. Despite not being one of the 12 he was close to winning some races. To see that momentum end was a huge let down. Now instead of getting that much needed victory. He like everyone else in the sport gets to go home and try to figure out how to start the new year with some momentum. The fans all get to sit at home waiting for the next race talking about the hope our drivers showed at the end of the season.

The good news is no more ESPN coverage until the chase starts again. Who knows maybe by some miracle that can change. I enjoy watching the races. What I don't enjoy is a small picture of the race going on with a huge commercial marathon on the other 2/3rds.

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