Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Did It!! Trip To The Card Shop- part 1

If you have read all my posts the few weeks I've been at this. You know by now that I have Monday's off. What that usually means is I have some goodies from the Goodwill in wherever it was I went to run errands. As luck would have it this weeks errands were a simple get a couple stocking stuffers for the daughter.
                  Once that was done I thought it'd be fun to do something I haven't done in awhile. Go into a card shop and buy some baseball cards. Around a year ago I went into a shop to buy pages for the pocket schedule collection but not for cards. With some money to spend and the idea that getting some Mark Teixeira cards for the collection. I was on my way to the card shop and to get those cards.
                     Upon entering the shop it was a disaster. Clue number one that this was going to be a wasted run. A small trail running through with a box and a few cards on the floor blocking the path. A step over the box and the trail's end was within sight. Steps from the end a box caught my eye that looked to have some newer cards in it. Let the sorting begin I thought as I started looking through one row with little promise of reward. Most the row appeared to be sub-set cards and my mind was on regular sets cards. Looking deeper at the box two rows over were some Topps edition cards.
                     Halfway through the row clue number two came into my head that this was going to be a waste. The owner final talked to me. Here I was in the shop for over five minutes and he finally acknowledges I'm in his shop. The question comes as he asks, "Are you looking for a certain player or set?" My answer comes back with a, "Mark Teixeira cards. I haven't gotten any for a few years and thought I'd try to update the collection some." Back to his business he goes as I reach the land of forgotten customers once again. Pulling two Teixeira cards it's time to move I think to myself.

                  Acknowledging my existence once more he points me to a box of 2012 Topps Update. Not knowing what the cards where until arriving at the box I make my way once more through the trail with a glimmer of hope. Not wanting to get lost as I make my way around to a new trail. I see the front door and tie a rope around my waist and one end around the doorknob. Once to the box disappointment sets in again. Now wanting to feel the journey was wasted I glance through a few cards in the box. Coming up empty, it was time to wander out and hope nobody had cut my rope. Despite the disaster I was able to add two new cards to the collection.


  1. I've run into a few shops like that over the years. I never understood why some card shop owners don't make their store look nice and clean. It's basic common sense for attracting customers.

    Glad that you were able to pick up a few "Tex" cards, though! I've always liked those "New York, New York" inserts, I have a few in my collection as well.

    1. I have to agree with you. The postcard look just drew me right in.