Sunday, February 1, 2015

Artelopes- Canton Charge

On Saturday I was going to finish up the third post about the player collections. As you can tell by a quick look down, it didn't happen. Then came this morning, and the fact it's Super Bowl Sunday. So instead of doing that post my thought was to run with an artelope return.

Still continuing my attack on the NBA Developmental League. I sent out this request to the Canton Charge who are the league's affiliate of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For some weird reason I had the idea come into my mind one day to do a Pac-Man chasing ghosts. This could have worked for any team, but I chose Canton. Being they are a basketball team I decided to do the pellets as basketball's to keep with the theme. Another add on was the sword being carried by Pac-Man. The daughter thought it would be a cool addition due to the team's logo having a sword. I think it could have turned out a touch better, but overall it came close to my idea.

As for the return I got the desired results. First off the team included the current season pocket schedule.

Included was the much appreciated business card that was the entire reason for writing the team.  Thanks to the Charge my needs list for the NBA Developmental League is now down to 9 teams. There are still five requests lingering with hopes slowly dimming for returns on all but two.

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  1. You're not needing anything from the Iowa Energy, are you?