Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding A New Love

After ending the relationship with the three player collections I was left with two options. Those options were stay at the new list of players, or look into adding more players into the mix. The decision was easy with both Colorado, and Seattle having some new youth on their rosters. There are two players in-particular that in 2014 peaked my interest in adding them to the player collections.

Mike Zunino
Being we live in the Northwest we get all the Mariners games on television. Watching all those games, and getting to see Zunino play all year made me a fan. Mike does need lots of work at the plate, and will hopefully start to get it under control this upcoming year. His 22 home runs shows he has some of the much needed power the Mariners are looking for.

Zunino will be a tricky collection for me though as a terrible year from the young catcher could derail the collection just as fast as it started. Keeping that in mind I plan on sticking with cards I can get on the cheap. Avoiding any autos, patches, or anything else that will leave me too invested in Zunino.

 Nolan Arenado
Time for some serious honesty here. I don't know Arenado as well as I should for a player I'm going to be collecting. My knowledge of the young third baseman is that he plays third for the Colorado Rockies. By the end of 2015 all that should be changed as I'm looking forward to not only seeing more Arenado cards. I'm looking forward to learning more about the player who will hopefully be playing the position for many years to come.

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  1. Arenado is a great choice. Pretty good hitter, outstanding defender.