Sunday, January 25, 2015

Everything's Coming Up Rosario

Honestly not everything came up from the recent package that Chris who runs the fantastic blog The Raz Card Blog  sent my way. It makes for a great post title though so I'm running with it.

No one has done more for my Rosario collection than Raz. In 2014 he was instrumental in the completion of the goal I had of adding ten nectar items into the collection. While I didn't do any goals for the year, Raz is staying true to form in adding more nectar to the Rosario's

The beauty above is numbered 122/620. What the significance of 620 is has been lost on me as it just seems like a strange number to pick. Even with the strange numbering I am thrilled to claim Rosario as my own.

Closing out the Rosario's was this sweet patch card with the purple stripe. I've seen cards like this one before, and for some reason just never pulled the trigger. Now thanks to Raz I won't need to think about it ever again.

Sadly 2015 might be the last time we get to see cards like this for Wilin. Word coming out of Colorado is the Rockies are planning on trying Wilin at first or in the outfield this year. Hopefully the move works out for him at first base, but it will mean missing out on the sweet catcher pictured cards.

Showing he wasn't a one trick pony Raz hit me with some of the famous Mannatawket cards he recently acquired.

When these first showed up I was surprised that Chris would let some of these leave his hands. Then just this morning he featured a post, and mentioned how he acquired a full set, and some extra's. It all made sense after reading the post. Thanks to some blogger generosity I can now say I have eight cards from the set.

As with every package you have ever sent my way Chris you nailed it!

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