Saturday, January 17, 2015

Atleast I Can Say I Tried

Not long ago another fellow collector from the group TradingBases contacted me about some cards. The man was Roland, and was someone who I don't believe I have ever exchanged cards with. Roland emailed to let me know that he was sending my final three cards from the Triple Play, Action Baseball subset.

All I could think of from here is to thank Roland for the final three cards, and allowing me to cross these off the wantlist.

The problem is I'm not going down like that. No I'm a blogger, and we do more than just say thank you, and move on. A small paragraph, and showing the three cards just doesn't do it in the cat's world. So in honor of completing the set we are going to play the game contained within one of the extra 15 cards from the same set that Roland sent as well.

Digging into the group I decided to go with California Angels versus Seattle Mariners. With none other than the great Ken Griffey Jr. pictured on the front.

Opening up the inside the scorecard put the Mariners as the home team so California bats first. Should have done a scan before scratching, but that would have made sense so I forgot.

Now a reminder of the rules to the game that matter. They have more listed, but for me these aren't important.
1. Game is three innings
2. Each player gets three outs per inning.
3. Highest score at the end of three innings wins.

Top of the first, and California goes first. After the California half of the inning lets see where we are.

Sadly after over twenty years of waiting to find out we won't get to know who wins. My first scratch was the box third row over, and fourth one down. If you can tell it just scratched down to the paper, and yielded no results. Wanting to see if it would scratch at all I attempted with most of the second row over at once. Didn't go down to the paper because I didn't need to. I could tell that it just wasn't going to work. As the title says atleast I can say I tried.

Thank to Roland's generosity I can say there was one winner from all of this, and that winner is me. Hopefully once I give his wants a look over I can find some sort of return, and we can both end as winners in this deal.