Saturday, January 3, 2015

Its Wallet Card- I Make My Pick

Defgav who runs the blog Baseball Card Breakdown threw out the idea of picking a card, and putting it in your wallet for the year. Then to add a little fun into the deal he offered up some rules for a game he is calling 'A Game of Wallet Card'. Wanting to up the ante Defgav will be offering up a prize for the best picture of your card. The prize is still to be determined as he wants to see how far this game will go.

Personally I don't really care so much about the prize. I am just a sucker for games like this that get the blogging universe involved as a whole. Things like this game just adds to the entire blogging experience if you ask me.

While most have commented on his post with their chosen card. I for one can't make it just that simple. Defgav did put in the post that you needed to post the coolest photo's of your card on your blog. So in keeping with the idea, and the opportunity for a fairly thought free post. I mean, who doesn't love the idea of writing a post where you didn't have to dream up the starting point? With all the thinking we normally do on what to write about on a daily basis. I'll admit that when a freebie comes along I'm going to jump on it.

Now before I start to bore you to death let's see the chosen card shall we?

Before giving my reason for choosing the card as Defgav said it should be a card you enjoy seeing. I will start by saying that while my wallet doesn't look as bad as the one on the top of this posting. I have quite a few things in it, and can be pretty tough on some things in it. So if I'm not able to fit it in the planned spot poor Kyle won't stand a chance. Hopefully he fits as it would be a shame for Kyle to not make it though the year.

Now why did the cat choose this card? While I wish I had some awesome explanation like a few others. The entire seeing this card concept inspires me, but honestly had nothing to do with my choice. Being deep like that would be so cool, but sorry I'm too simple minded for that. My reasoning is I wanted to do something a little different than the baseball cards most are doing.

Wanting to do the different thing I thought why not our favorite driver Kyle Busch, and I loved the colors on this specific card. More than anything the photographer in me wanted a card that I thought would look good in pictures. While you can't see it in the scan, hopefully it will show in any pictures. The majority of the card has a sweet silver look to it that shows real nice with the black.  

What to expect when it comes to the game, and this card. My goal will be to do a post once a month, and if I remember the first of every month. Some posts might be a potpourri of pictures from the cards adventures. Other, and probably the most frequent will be a showing off how Kyle is doing at this point in the year. Hopefully I'll have some sort of flow to the posts, and how I want to do them. Could take a few months before I get that flow.

If you haven't already decided to participate in Defgav's game I urge you to join in what should be a fun year long event. Go visit this link, and leave a comment that you are participating. I look forward to not only seeing the cards everyone has chosen, but the pictures, and how the posts are written. Should be a good time for everyone so go, and join in on the fun.

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