Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Ahead To 2015

For 2015 I have decided to move away from the goals, or resolution idea. My plan is to just enjoy the collecting once again, and at years end recap how the year was in collecting. The fun part about doing this is when the recap comes I will be able to share all three hobbies. Doing the goals, or resolution meant going more into depth on the non baseball card hobbies never happened. I have been enjoying all three since starting this blog, and thus want to share all three.

What I would like to do though is do a sort of look ahead to some things you can expect from the cat for the 2015 year. All these are ideas floating around my head that I'm not going to beat myself up on if they aren't done. There won't be any rating how I did at the end of the year. Actually it will be quite the opposite, as I will be tooting my horn on what I did accomplish.

Baseball Cards-
 One of my first plans this year is to redo the player collections. Currently there are four players listed on the side link as guys I collect. Anyone who has been around the site knows that not only are there the four, but I have the secret guys that aren't listed. One of the things I plan on doing real soon is tightening up the player collections list. This will entail adding some guys on the list that aren't currently there, and erasing one off the list. All this should be happening this very month as I have a series of three posts I've had planned for probably a month now.

Gone will be the secret player collections. If I collect a player they will be on the list, and will be someone I'm looking for cards of. This should help me fine tune the players I collect. There have been times I pick up some cards of a player, and I'm not sure if I want to collect more or not. Now before I add any other cards I can look at the player collections, and decide if I want to add the new guy into the mix.

Another idea I'm toying with, and honestly need to get done is a wantlist for the favorite players cards. Currently all I have is a list of the players I collect. From there its a crap-shoot on whether, or not I need a certain card. Right now all except the Nolan Ryan collection is fairly small, and can be done with some work. There isn't a set time on how long it will take to get these lists done, but I'd like to get something done.

Last is my purchasing of cards this year. Halfway through the year my pack buying came to a total stop, and singles were what I bought. Much like some of the other bloggers who are slowing down their pack buying. My plan is to go exactly the same direction, and run with singles. Yes, there will be times when I cave in, and buy a pack or two of cards. What I'm hoping to do is limit those times, and just buy the cards I want instead. Why spend ten bucks on two jumbo packs at a big box store for a bunch of cards I'm not interested in? That same ten dollars could buy me something like a prism Trout, or a Rosario relic, or possibly even a Seager auto. Possibly even a combination of those cards that I'd appreciate more than the 70 something unwanted commons.

These have been a fun little project for me, and hopefully something other out there enjoy seeing. Until now these have always contained some form of the team logo in the drawing. This year I'd like to sway away from that attitude at times, and have more fun with them. If I can use the logo in some form on the envelope then I will go with it. Currently there are six waiting to return home, and three of those didn't contain the teams logo in any form. It was fun to run with an idea where I wasn't tied into using the teams logo.

Business Cards-
Hopefully by using the artelopes, and the newly updated wantlists for each sport. I can nail down some of the missing teams for all the sports, and update the baseball teams that all changed affiliates, logos, or any other changes the team made this off-season. My main plan for this year is to a much better job of keeping up with the changes in all the sports. Until doing the new lists recently I had fallen behind in keeping up with the wants for all the teams.

Sadly this was costly as there are a bunch of teams in the NBA Developmental, and Arena Football that have disappeared. Missing out on all those teams is a lost opportunity that I will never be able to get back. All I can do now is make an attempt to write teams ASAP so I have no regrets when a team does go defunct.

Pocket Schedules- 
This is another area where the artelopes help. I have a very limited amount of teams I collect pocket schedules from in college, football, and hockey. Baseball is my big sport, and I need to stay on top of it. Not only have I been failing in writing for business cards from teams. I have done very poorly staying on top of writing the teams I collect schedules from. These should be the first teams that get written, and then move on to requests for business cards from there. Now if I can just stay focused enough to do just that.

Much like with the business cards collection. I recently did the total overhaul of my traders, and wants for all schedules. This year I need to stay on top of all that hard work by adding the traders right after doing the posting here. The wants need to be listed before the season for a sport starts, and kept up during that sports season. There are so many cover, and sponsor variations for some teams that I need to stay on top of.

The Prowling Cat's Hobby Madness-
It seems like there are so many things going on here at the cat house when it comes to the hobbies. Adding the new blog in October seems like piling on. Yes, and no would be my answer to that. The idea for the blog more than anything is to actually help with keeping the business cards, and schedules under control. The old site where they were at before October made keeping up more of a chore. Using this new blog will hopefully help me stay on top of everything easier than in the past. If all goes right this might make things less hectic than they have been.

One thing I plan on attempting with Hobbies Madness is a post a day streak for the year. These aren't going to be anything spectacular as this blog is where everything happens. The idea is to post either a schedule, or a business card every day in 2015. These won't be some gigantic write up, but just a simple something to go along with the card, or schedule. More of a show-off for non baseball card goodies.

If you are one of those that enjoy seeing either business cards, schedules, or anything else that doesn't blend into my main blog here. Go to the site, and bookmark it, follow, or whatever else it is you do to remember your blogs. It should be a fun year of seeing the other odds, and ends you normally don't see on the baseball card blogs. If you'd like to share something of your own feel free to hit me up as I'm open to anything when it comes to this blog.

More than anything go, and check out the site to help me with the sports team business card collection. I don't care if you don't see your local team on my wantlists for business cards, or schedules there. Teams will change their business cards quite often, and these get missed. Due to this I'll take any business card for a team you send my direction as you never know.

Now that I've gone on long enough, and possibly even bored a few people. Hopefully you all have a great year, and accomplish everything you are hoping for. I personally feel like this will be a great year not just for baseball cards, but business cards, and pocket schedules at the cat house. I wish you all the luck in your hobby, or hobbies for 2015. You know I will be following along, and enjoying all the great blogging going on out there.

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