Sunday, January 11, 2015

i've Been A Bad Kitty

Since starting off the year with a bang the last week things went south in a hurry. Only making one post during the middle of the week. Sadly it isn't because of not having something to post about. It was due to both being drained after work, and spending time collection organizing.

Doing all this has kind of been a double-edged sword. While organizing, and enjoying our collections is the point of collecting. All this has meant I am now long overdue on a much deserved thank you to fellow TradingBases member, and founder Kevin. The craziest part of all this is not doing this post actually slows down the organizing.

Being one of those that doesn't put cards away until after the post is written. It gets kind of hard to put these beauties sent by Kevin away in my 2008 Documentary, Rockies cards.

Not only is it tough to add these sweet mascot cards into their binder. It becomes extra tough to keep up with a personal goal I set of keeping all my wants, and traders updated constantly. I mean how can I cross these off the list if I leave them sitting in their bubble mailer?  

Hardest of them all is showing off the cards that came in the pack of Golden Age, Kevin added to the mailer. I was excited about the Harlem Globetrotter mini the most. Growing up I just loved watching their special when they showed it. I even watched it this year to show you how much I enjoy them.

All these sweet cards from Kevin showed up right around the first of the year. I'd love to be able to say I was a bad kitty, and promise to do better. Problem is that I was playing with the hobbies, and I can't say any of that, and believe it.

Weeks like this might even be a little more frequent for a bit honestly. At times I get into a groove, and will focus on one thing until it is done. Currently it has been doing things in the hobby room with the hobbies. Hopefully it will continue on into the spring as we have a garage in need of some serious cleaning. I'll just have to work on managing my time a little better. Something that I've been needing to do for awhile now, and am constantly trying to work on.

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  1. I like the mascot cards. I've been thinking about making a run at some of the autos now that the prices have dropped some.