Monday, February 2, 2015

Sticking Around

While my player collections have gone through some changes for this new year. There are still three guys who remain the core of my collecting. When I decided to get back into collecting, and trying to finish old sets. Running with player collections weren't in the original plan. Since then things have changed drastically, and the players have become the part I enjoy the most.

Wilin Rosario

Deciding to get into player collecting I thought it would be best to do two players from my two favorite teams. For the Rockies I chose Wilin Rosario, and the recently taken out of the loop Juan Nicasio. Interestingly Wilin was going to be a kind of side player with Juan being the star of my Rockies collection. Things changed quickly as Rosario has the cooler looking cards in my opinion. Keeping the auto, patch, and bat cards out of the equation. The Rockies purple catching gear worn by Wilin has given his cards a better look than Nicasio's cards.

From things I have been reading this off season. 2015 will be a huge year for Rosario who will be going through big changes. Colorado signed a new catcher to take over the duties behind the plate, and had shopped Wilin as a trade chip. As time progressed the team began reconsidering the idea as right hand hitters are valuable commodities. Deciding to keep his bat the team has had Wilin work on both first, and the outfield. How well he takes to either position remains a mystery.

Kyle Seager
Much like Rosario was in the players section. Seager was kind of a side player that has risen to top of my collecting. As other players for Seattle dropped out of sight, and have fallen off the wants. Seager has stepped up, and become a cornerstone to the Mariners, and their future plans. All this should lead to some interesting cards coming out for the third baseman.

The downside is we live in the Northwest, and Mariners cards have the regional cost added in. This has meant adding Seager cards can be a little tougher than normal. Other than the few I've gotten in packs, and a miracle find or two in dime boxes. The collection's greatest additions came from a trade with a fellow blogger. Odds are this will continue to be the trend with Seager as he establishes himself as a star for years to come.

 Mike Trout
One thing I wanted to do most when I decided to collect players is have a superstar in the mix. At the time it was between two young players named Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout. The decision didn't take too much thought before coming to the conclusion that Trout was that player.

A couple things came into play that made Trout the obvious choice. One was he plays out here on the west coast, and odds are would get more exposure around here. Another was related to my pocket schedule collection. Trout was playing in Salt Lake which happens to be one of my favorite minor league teams. It becomes so much easier to collect a player who's currently on a team you root for. Last was I once bought a pack of Topps minor league, and pulled the Trout card above. This meant I had a starting card for the collection.

How the two new players will blend in with these big three is going to be an interesting question. What I do know is that right now these three are something I enjoy right now. Odds are one day the player collecting might even drop down to just these three players, or a new combination of three players. It just seems that for some strange reason I like to have two lesser guys in the bullpen. Maybe as these three keep establishing themselves that thinking will fall to the wayside. Until then I plan on running with the three main guys, and two in the wings.

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