Friday, February 20, 2015

Tony Brings Me Off Hiatus

For almost three weeks now I have been on a sort of writing break. This break has been something I needed to recharge myself. Feeling the need to do some writing again I am back, and ready to go.

After taking this short break it's ironic that my first post would be dedicated to a blog with the name Off Hiatus Baseball Cards. You could make the claim that as bloggers we pick the order we post so it's not really that ironic. You could claim that, but you would be wrong in making that claim. Since starting this blog I have always done my posts related to mail in the order that they arrive.

The one thing you would be right in claiming though is that this hiatus didn't need to be so long. Tony sent the mailer with all these goodies on the 7th, and they were received not long afterwards. With so many cool looking schedules sent by Tony I feel ashamed that it has taken this long to thank him for sending these my direction.

Football schedules are way below baseball in my collection, but schedules like this might close that gap. I've always stuck to the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bearcats, Miami Hurricanes, UNLV Rebels, and Utah Utes as the lone schedules. These might break into that small collection if I ever learn how long these were issued.

Even better looking than the football schedules is this 1989 White Sox schedule.It's tough to top a schedule that showcases four classic buttons, a bobblehead, and a couple other classic White Sox memorabilia.

Tony showed that you can top the White Sox with some schedules that showed just how cool being a Brewers fan can be. First he hit me with the always tough to come by regionalized re-elect schedule. In some regions, and for certain teams these are pretty popular. Unless you are connected to someone these are usually very tough to find. It'd be insane if you could find how many of these type of schedules exist that very few even know exist due to no collector living in the region the schedule was released..

Not to be outdone by the re-elect schedule Tony dropped some sweet beer sponsored schedules into the mix. With the beer history in the region how could you not have tons of schedules sponsored by a beer?

The Brewers aren't a one trick pony when it comes to their schedules. Other companies got into the action, but with simpler looking schedules. Sometimes the simple team logo works, especially when you are trying to promote your business through said schedule.

Thank you so much Tony for the awesome mailer. Sorry it has taken this long to show off what you sent.

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  1. I'm just glad you got them, my friend. I tried to send you a good mix of schedules, and I hope you liked them!