Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Artelopes- Clearwater and Daytona

With baseball not far away some teams have already started putting out schedules. Currently among the list is Clearwater, and Daytona who both play in the Florida League.

The Threshers are one of two teams in the league that I collect schedules from. Finding out that the team had put out a schedule this early in the year I had to write the team.

With Clearwater using a shark as their logo the idea of doing sharks in the water only seemed natural. Originally the plan was to just do a couple fins, but the daughter injected her opinion. She said that there needed to be a little more shark than just a couple fins. So going with her idea what you see above is the end result.

Clearwater is one of the few teams that I don't mind just getting schedules, and no business card from. They have been so good to me in the past in sending business cards. Since getting all those cards the team hasn't gone through any sort of changes so everything is good.

Daytona went through two big changes this off-season. First the team went through an affiliation change from the Cubs to the Reds. Second is due to this huge change the team went from the Cubs to the Tortugas. What this did is left a huge hole in my Florida State League business card collection. While affiliated with the Cubs, Daytona was always good to me.

Attempting to do the full logo had me feeling a little out of my league. I could have probably pulled it off, but thought why not go with the partial design? Sometimes its better to go with something that you feel more confident about rather than forcing something you just aren't feeling. In the end it was a wise choice.

As a collector that has contacted Daytona in the past one thing about this schedule sticks out. Across the bottom it says early bird. Whenever you see this one a schedule another edition is sure to follow in a couple months.

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  1. Radiologists Field At Jackie Robinson Ballpark just kinda rolls of the tongue doesn't it?

    Nice job on these.