Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#walletcard - Kyle's January Adventures

When the idea for the walletcard started sweeping the blogging world. I decided that rather than do the constant posting something like this could become. Each month I would end the month by doing the adventures of Kyle card. That leads us to today's post on what happened to Kyle card for the month.

Sadly Kyle didn't have any sort of a big month of travel or anything exciting like some other have shared. This isn't to say that at some point during the year he won't be popping up in other places as I do have some plans for him. Things are just slow around the cat house right now, it happens.

What he did do was make the weekly trip northbound for the daughter's guitar lessons. Those days are behind him now as the lessons will be on hold for a bit. Outside of those trips he's gone to work with me. He's done the weekly ritual of Goodwill visits, and had a blast doing them.

In honor of the not so exciting month we will see how Kyle is doing.

Looking at the left handed side you can see that the gloss is starting to take a hit. Nothing makes it more obvious than the 1, and spade in the upper left are fading. Compare it to the 1, and spade on the lower right, and it becomes a bit more obvious.

Another hit Kyle has taken isn't showing very well in the scan. On the left, and right around the bottom of his sunglasses. There is a bend in the card that goes to the silver design. This isn't the only bend as the entire length of the card is starting to bend from its location in my wallet. Any time I pull out my debit card the plastic card holder section of my wallet gives Kyle some abuse.

It'll be interesting to see how Kyle looks after five or six months of this type of abuse. For now he's holding up, but shwing the signs of abuse that a card takes being in my wallet.

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