Monday, February 23, 2015

A Lost Opportunity?

The great Fuji did a few of these style posts long ago, and those have inspired this very post. On Sunday the 15th the wife, and myself went to the monthly collector's market. This is an event held most the month's during winter, and is a fun event the two times that I have went.

September 2013 was the last time going to this show, and I have no good reason on why I don't go more often. With finds like the bag of football helmets that I found last time for the great price of one dollar. I can't help, but wonder how many other amazing finds have been missed out on by not going more often.

This time we did fairly well as the wife picked up some old Disney comics on the cheap, and I completed a project I've had going for a few years now. Results like that just added to me wondering why we don't do this show every month.

Despite all the great finds it is the one purchase that I didn't make that I keep thinking about. Sitting on one of the first tables when you enter, but one of the last two we hit was one of these.

The one there was in much better shape, and priced much cheaper than the one in this picture. It was a beautiful sight that looked just as pristine inside. Why I turned it down I am honestly still on the fence about.

The dealer was asking only ten dollars, but I tried to talk him down with no results. He was at a solid ten, and I wasn't going to pay that amount. Maybe it was that my plan was to frame it, and hang it on the wall. With that as my plan ten dollars just seemed to much for a team I'm not a fan of.

Looking back at things I still can't decide if this was a lost opportunity, or if I'm fine with not getting it. Odds are I'll be wondering the answer for a little longer.

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  1. That would look amazing framed. It's usually the other way around for me. I'll buy something and later on wonder if I spent too much. Hopefully you'll stumble across another copy one day... and when you do... maybe it'll have a $5 price tag instead.