Sunday, February 22, 2015

Over Before It Even Started

Here at the cat house for the last week we have been walking in the clouds. Pitchers, and catchers report which means baseball is right around the corner. College basketball is closing in on its tournament with two of the teams I root for doing quite well. Then there was the Daytona 500 being ran today. The excitement on all this build up was mind-blowing.

Suddenly all that was sucked right out of the house during the Xfinity race yesterday. With Kyle wrecking into the inside wall, and breaking his right leg, and left foot. From there he was rushed to the hospital, and into surgery for hours on the right leg.

All this leaves us here wondering who do we root for now, and how much racing will we watch? Currently I feel like a fan that just got told his team won't be playing any games for awhile. When they will start playing is unknown, and won't be known for awhile. Will we find some new driver to root for during this time, or just watch because we enjoy racing? Those are questions that might take weeks to figure out. The wife is already talking about rooting for the driver who fills in for Kyle. Myself I might go that route, or maybe take on a new driver until my guy returns.

Who knows, maybe this could lead into joining the Jeff Gordon group as he runs his last season before retiring. A chance to sit back, and enjoy watching one of NASCAR's all time greats in his last run. I was wishing him to do well, but not beat our guy in races.

More than anything Kyle. Know that we will be missing you, and you will be in our prayers for a safe recovery.

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous that any part of a concrete wall at Daytona would still be exposed and not be covered by a SAFER barrier.

    I've been a Gordon fan since he debuted. I'll be watching this season with mixed emotions.