Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Least Favorite

On Wednesday I commented that the schedules for today were a step backwards in my opinion. So without beating around the bush I give to you example number one.

This might very well be the second most disliked schedule in my Rockies collection. The part I find the most sad is that it represents two other teams not just the Rockies.

While I don't know about the DiamondBacks, and White Sox. The Rockies did save some face by putting out a decent schedule for 1998 to go along with the one above.

The tricky part is I can't tell if this is a new schedule or just sponsor. The backside is the picture from above. I'm going to say the Rockies are the sponsor, but in my binder this is the side I show as the front.

Sadly my collection has a big hole in the Rockies spring training schedules until 2002. That is when the least favorite schedule in my collection appears.

You can't imagine how much I want to bash this schedule, but I can't. Believe it or not there are still teams that use this very schedule. The reason I would bash this is due to its simplicity, because it's just a sheet of paper with the schedule. I like my schedules to have some form of substance, and this schedule lacks that. What I do like is there looks to be some promotions that I would have enjoyed.

Tomorrow I end this tour through my Rockies spring training schedules. Missing is the 2014 schedule as I haven't added one yet. All in due time though...

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