Friday, February 14, 2014

Artelopes- Omaha Storm Chasers (1st mailing for 2014)

With spring training just around the corner baseball pocket schedules are starting to appear. One of those is for a minor league team that I've been collecting schedules for since the name change a few years ago. Known as the Omaha Royals from 2002-2010. Moving into a new stadium at the start of 2011 the ownership wanted a brand new identity to go with the move. After a contest to dream up a new name the winner was eventually chosen.

 After seeing the new name, and logo I was impressed, and decided to add the Storm Chasers into the teams I collect schedules for. Starting with the 2011 schedules I contacted the team with awesome results. My first return from the team that year was so promising I've become a fan. Deciding to get my hands on the first 2014 Omaha schedule I sent out the following artelope.

I didn't get fancy as I just wanted to get this envelope sent. On the teams baseball caps they use this design only with the S, and C interlocked. I decided instead of interlocking them in another logo. That I would separate the two letters, but use the concept. It wasn't a bad idea for what was my first of atleast two or three mailings to the team for this season.

Getting a return from the team on Friday. What came was a surprise to me as it wasn't the currently known schedule for the team. This means I'm going to need to work out a trade with another schedule collector for the intended target. Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled to have gotten this new edition. With so many teams putting out multiple schedules there are times schedules this this one slips through the cracks. It's only by luck like this return we find out about these schedules.

By doing a little research I have earned the player is Christian Colon. He is a shortstop prospect who is 24 years old. Christian's contract was purchased by the Royals in November of 2013 which makes him currently part of the 40 man roster. While I'm not a fan of the Royals I'll have to keep a lookout for Colon during spring training games. Maybe this young prospect will be part of the teams future plans.


  1. Werner park in Omaha is my favorite minor league facility. Hands down.
    I've been through there a couple of different seasons now on my out and back to Colorado to visit family. Who ever designed that park deserves a pat on the back.

  2. I just remembered I got you a Salt River Fields Spring Training schedule at DBacks Fan Fest last weekend. I'll get it over to you this week.