Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My First 2014 Topps Lottery Tickets

I can't remember which blogger it was that I read buying packs referred to as buying a lottery ticket. In honor of that blogger I thought why not refer to my first packs as lottery tickets. Why I'm thinking about this now who knows? If I can remember long enough maybe I'll use that as my titling for all pack purchases for 2014. Maybe it'll stick, and be how all my pack purchases are labeled from this day forward.

Since the 2014 Topps posts started I've been itching to get my hands on some of these cards. Until Monday all my attempts have been met with no results. After a busy long weekend at the coast I wanted to keep it simple. No trips to any Goodwill stores to look for treasures. The days plan was to hang with the dog, and head to the store. Hoping that there would be some jumbo rack packs, and loose packs. While there weren't any of the smaller loose packs. I did manage to buy two of the jumbo's.

Currently my plan is to buy packs for the single players I collect. There are around 15 cards for my main players, and secondary players. This doesn't include any of the color parallels of the base set cards. Even with this being the plan, things could be subject to change into building the full set later. Until then though it'll be strictly players.

(1st card of 2014 Topps)

Not the worst start in the world of cards to have as a first card.  There are a group of guys who could be better. Looking at it the same way there are a ton of guys who could have been worse. So you could say I'm pretty pleased with having Buehrle be the guy. Comparing him to last years first card of Didi Gregorius he is a vast improvement. For card looks I'd give Didi the advantage, but career wide its Buehrle hands down.

I've seen some of the other blogs showing off their first Future Stars card. Being I not only got the regular, but a blue parallel as well. I thought why not show both cards? If there are any Braves fans out there the blue card is up for grabs. Just comment, and drop me an e-mail so I can send it your way.

In the main players category I nailed down three of the fifteen cards. Looking at all the Trout cards I'd bet Trout is around one-third of the cards I'm looking for in series 1. Getting two wasn't a bad start for the collection. Hopefully the cards will keep coming to fill in the collection.

Overall I'd say I didn't do too bad for my first purchase. As for the cards design this year. In 2013 I fell into the category of a returning collector, and loved the look of those cards. Looking at them now they have lost some of their luster in my eyes. With the silver running through the card I like this design better. Now will it keep that luster in my eyes only time will tell. I'm still getting my feet wet in my return to cards if you ask me. Due to this I'm not one to break down all the subsets, and everything. What I do know is I wasn't even considering building any of the sets this year. Now I am considering the Opening Day once again, but as I've said. This might all change by the time those cards hit the shelves.

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  1. I can see the comparison to lottery tickets since sometimes you can hit the jackpot and land a huge hit... but IMHO... a pack of baseball cards > lottery ticket

    I can't remember ever holding onto a losing lottery ticket, but I'll usually keep all of the cards I pull from a pack of cards. Worst case scenario, I'll give away cards or donate them to charity... but I never just throw them in the dumpster.