Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Lucky (part 2)

After our stop at Toys-R-Us it was off to the card shop. With everything I had planned this was the one stop I was looking most forward to. Originally I thought about hitting both shops in town, but having the daughter along I opted for just one shop. In the end I bet she appreciated this choice. My goal for this stop was to work on sets. Hopefully I'd be able to get close to completing one or maybe even complete one.

 Going in there was another customer so we calmly waited our turn. Finally the chance came to start the search through singles. Starting off with the 2006 Topps, Opening Day subset.

I only needed two of the cards for my subset. The third is the Mariners card which I figure I'll just add to the binder of Mariners stuff. A fourth card was bought to, but it will be part of a future 'It Hurts To Watch' post. Maybe as soon as next month being it's the wife, and my anniversary. She has a beach trip planned for that weekend, and that usually signals one of those posts. After the four cards I started rattling off years, and card brands. Sadly either the cards had been possibly donated, or he never opened any packs. I've always known that I seem to collect the more oddball stuff at times. If not odds are my wantlist would be way shorter than it is. Adding up the total I still had this need to get more cards. Looking around the packs of 2014 Topps started calling to me. Starting off with four packs.

Which then turned into seven packs.

Which then ended up being ten packs.

I was going to buy nine packs, but the owner was awesome. Told me he'd do the tenth pack for a dollar to make things easier. That final pack was where the buyback card came from. Not a bad deal if you ask me. He also made sure that his shop will be my main stop for cards when I can get that direction. While my first ever trip there wasn't the best. I'm glad that another chance was offered as he's been great since then.

Besides all the subset treasures I was able to nail down four cards for the player collections.

Trout, and Zunino are the two big guns. Franklin is kind of a big question mark after the Cano signing. Rumors last season had him possibly being the future second baseman. That all changed in the off-season when Cano was signed. Now there are talks of trying to turn him into a utility infielder, or an outfielder. The third option which I see more than the other two is he becomes part of a trade for a pitcher. The Justin Smoak player collection is on life-support. His first half play of 2014 will establish his future in my player collection.

Overall I was fairly pleased with all the cards. Some good cards for my personal collection. Then some great stuff for sending out to people I owe cards too. Looks like my luck might be turning around in pack buying. One thing I really need to decide now is if I'm going to build this set or not. If not there should be no more pack buying or very limited pack buying. If I am going to build the set then I need to see where the set is at, and make a list. Guess its time to sit down, and start organizing the cards I've got, and decide.

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  1. People can say what they want - I really like buybacks. Sure they logo them, but who cares? What's the number of each card they buy back? 1? 5? 10? So I could either pull a serial card of a black border or something of a nobody, or pull a VINTAGE that is foil stamped that probably has a lower "production" rate than that nobody black border. Gimme buyback all day with that ratio.