Sunday, September 1, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles, & Boston Red Sox

Most posts I do for this blog are written the night before. For today or would it be last night? I am sitting here reflecting on the football games for our favorite teams here in the cathouse. My personal favorites are the Cincinnati Bearcats who laid a beating on Purdue 42-7 earlier. Then the Utah Utes who squeaked out a win over Utah State 30-26 on Thursday.  For the wife it's not a happy ending as her team the Oregon State Beavers took a crushing loss 49-46 by the hands of Eastern Washington. Losing one of those games they are supposed to win got her realizing this could be a long season for her team. Their defense was pathetic to say the least. If they want to have any chances for a win that needs to be shored up, and soon.

Moving on lets get to the real reason for this post shall we?

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have always been a tricky team to me. Something about them has always made them the forgotten team when I think Major League Baseball. I don't know if it's the logo doesn't appeal to me so I never think of them, or if the name Twins just skips my mind. Who knows what the reason is, but I always seem to forget about them. Will that ever change? I'm not really sure as I've gotten along this long forgetting them.

Baltimore Orioles

When I look at this card I see why so many fans long for the old Orioles logo. Sometimes when a team tries to update their logo it can end being a huge step backwards. This is one of those times where I have to agree that going back to the old logo would be best.

I can't condemn the new logo without showing it off in card form. Now don't get me wrong in thinking I hate this logo. I just think when you compare it to the old logo it's no contest.

Boston Red Sox

There isn't a whole lot I can say about this card. It's the classic business card design used for so many years. The Red Sox logo is the classic logo that has been used for as long as I can remember. What more would you expect from a franchise that embraces the past?

While I know this wasn't one of the most cards filled of posts. On Labor Day we will be going out with a bang. I have a pretty good collection of cards from the three remaining teams. Seven different cards to be exact. Hopefully the seven will make up for such a weak day today.

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