Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paul Hits A Home Run

As I said yesterday with my cards from Tom. Thursday was an incredible day when it came to getting cards. The second, and final piece of that was the return from Paul. This trade came from the online trading group we are both members of. Paul is a huge Yankees, and Pirates fan who is still missing cards from this years sets. Having some blue sparkles Yankees he was missing from 2013 Opening Day we worked out a trade. In return Paul hit me with some cards that were a home run in my book. Going with cards from four different sets.

Until I got this card from Paul I had no idea A-Rod was one of the cards missing for this subset. I guess if you are missing Yankees for sets the best place to get them is a Yankees collector. This card proves that to be true.

If it hasn't sunk in enough yet. I absolutely love this set of cards, and will complete it one day. How long that will take is yet to be determined, but it will happen.

A big hit to a subset that I had honestly thought was completed when I bought the pack of cards in July at the World's Largest Garage Sale event. Paul dropped the remaining cards to this in half with four cards now left to complete this subset. With the hits that I've been making to this hopefully it will be finished by the end of the year.

Completing the home run, Paul hit a set for the first time. At a recent card show I found a couple of the 2007 version of these cards. After a little research I found out there was a 2006 set as well. Thinking the 2007 version was cool I had to add the 2006 set into the wantlist. Paul hit the set for its first blow with these four cards. Looking at them I was right, these are pretty cool. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to finish both sets as I really like these cards.

Finishing up I want to say one more time. Thank you so much for the cards Paul..

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