Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No Angels In This Order

Last month was an incredible month for me in trades. I'll go a step further, and say last week was an incredible week for me when it come to trades. Why not get to the point, and say last Thursday was an insane day for me when it came to getting cards in the mail. I got two batches of cards that were hits to some great sets.

 To give each mailer his due I'm starting today off with a surprise PWE that came from Tom who write the blog The Angels, In Order. The name of this great blog is how I came up with the name for this post. If you haven't noticed by the blog's name Tom is an Angels fan who I traded with in the past. So if you have any Angels cards needing a home I say go to his blog, and send him those cards. Wait until you see the great stuff he sent my way first though, please...

I have to admit something here. This isn't even the best card of the lot. While it is a Rockies card which adds to its greatness. The reason it's the first card is simple. When this post pops up on other blogs favorites list. This card will look way cooler than a grouping of cards. I see how my business card posts, and other posts that are wider than just a single card look. Personally it doesn't look near as good. So to get Tom his due, and get you here I had to get tricky.

Some of my favorite sets to collect are the minor league sets. While we all know these sets that came from the 90's have barely anyone we still recognize. I have always been a fan of the minor leagues, and so I collect these sets. With my closest form of baseball being three low level teams within an hour its a form of baseball I relate to. Throw in my top two teams the Rockies, and Mariners sometimes play like minor league teams. How can I not build these types of sets? Besides all that, where else are you going to find cards with such great names as Pork Chop Pough?

Keeping with the minor league theme. Tom dropped another card from a set that took some serious hits this summer. My 1993-1994 Fleer Excel set is down to just six cards from the various subsets that are part of this set. The biggest chunk is the League Leaders which is where this card will fall into. In all fairness though at 20 cards it is bigger than the other two combined.

Saving the best cards for last is how I roll today. The 1995 Collectors Choice Special Edition Silver Signatures is one of my all time favorite sets. I am a huge fan of the silver border around the cards. Throw in the signatures on the cards being silver as well, and I am hooked. This has been one of those sets I have been nickel-and-diming with a card here or there making its way into my hands. I am such a fan of these type of cards. Anytime I ever think about doing autographs in some form I consider buying a silver sharpie, and getting them with that pen. One of these days I will do some photographs for the hobby room, and want them signed. When that day comes so will the purchase of one silver sharpie. Until then I keep trying to add more of these cards into the set, and seeing what I am missing.

Now that the showing off is done once again go see Tom at The Angels, In Order. Get a hold of him, and send him ALL. I will repeat myself here ALL of your Angels cards.

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  1. I have a fondness towards minor league cards as well. I'm stuck on 1991 Line Drive AA and AAA.
    Glad you enjoyed the cards.