Sunday, September 22, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Durham & Toledo

Odds are today's two teams or towns will be the most fun ones in this entire series. You have two teams with quite a history. One team was the meat, and potato's of a movie. This movie would forever change the franchise. While the other got some mentioning on a television series. So with those two things on your mind lets get into showing the cards shall we?


Most if not all of us have seen the movie 'Bull Durham'. If you haven't seen it already go right now since it's Sunday, and watch it. The movie has my favorite all time quotes from baseball movies. I would say my favorite, but that quote comes from the movie 'Grosse Pointe Blank'. The main character is getting ready to kill someone who asks him not to do it. He replies with "It's not personal just business. Why does everyone take it personal?" After that my next few favorite quotes come from 'Bull Durham'.

Originally created in 1902 the last, and current use of the name was formed in 1980. Playing in the single A Carolina League as an Atlanta Braves affiliate until 1998. The team's real fame came from being in the movie 'Bull Durham' in 1988. This fame is what catapulted the team to its current place in the triple A International League.

While it took ten years after the movie to move into the International League. The move might not have been possible if not for a need to add two teams to affiliate with the Tampa Bay Rays, and Arizona DiamondBacks. The city of Durham was added to the mix, and became the Tampa Bay Rays affiliate. An affiliation that has been kept since the addition to triple A. With the success of the Bulls, and Rays affiliation this relationship will run for many more years to come.


My first time knowing that there was a team in Toledo known as the Mud Hens no less. Was while watching the television show M.A.S.H. as a kid. This is one of those classic television shows that still holds up to this very day. My daughter enjoys watching the show on TV Land every so often. So if you haven't seen the show look for it sometime, and give it a shot. One of the characters Maxwell Klinger is from Toledo, Ohio. Due to this he mentioned the Mud Hens numerous times in the series. Even sporting the teams hat a few times.

Another franchise that has on again off again roots. The current run of the franchise was started in 1965. While jumping from affiliation to affiliation early on the team has stuck with the Detroit Tigers since 1987.

According to the team website the name originates from strange marsh birds that inhabit the local marshlands. The birds have short wings, and long legs.



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