Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trade Posting

One of if not the most important thing in blogging is the thank you for a trade post. The post that lets the other person know that you got their half of your trade. It also says to everyone who reads your blog that "Hey, this guy is someone you want to trade with". While some do it well it has become the one post I struggle with the most. Sometimes I nail it with a catchy post that uses the other bloggers name as a story. Other times I use their name in the post title, but come up short in the post. Lastly they don't have a blog, and I whiff on the title, and the post altogether. Hopefully one day the trade post will get better on this blog, and stay consistent. This whiffing led me to this idea on the needed elements to a great trade post. While it won't fix all my problems if you struggle like I do these pointers might help.

1. Catchy Title- This is by far the number one must in a trade post. How you go about it can be done in a million different ways, but it has to be there. The title is what will draw the casual guy in, and say I have to read this post. You can write the best post in the world, and if the title isn't there many readers will skip right over you. Now if you are an established great blog then titles are fun, but not a must. We are going to read whatever you say anyways because we know you write the things we want to read. For guys like me though we have to get you through the door as many times as possible in hopes that at some point you keep coming back no matter what. Until then I have to catchy title you... I'm not sure if I nailed the catchy title, but we will say you stopped in so it had to work.

2. Cards From The Trade- There are many different ways you can go about this. I like to go with a good looking card first as that will be what comes up as the picture on other blogs. If you have a card that goes best with the title it's the preferred card. I can't speak for everyone, but there are times that the card picture gets me to atleast stop in. From there I will start reading to see what you have to say. After picking the first card you sprinkle in other cards as you go about the post.

3. The Thank You- You have to thank the other trader, and if possible pimp their blog. Take this post for instance. Really this is my way of thanking reader Kyle who I got the great cards you have been seeing throughout this post. Far as I know Kyle doesn't have a blog to send you towards. This didn't stop him from contacting me about a trade, and hitting me with some much needed cards for some sets I'm currently working on. What I can say is Kyle is a huge Dodgers fan, but after sending these cards I won't hold that against him for future trades if he's interested.

4. The Big Closing- Finishing up the post you have to drop the best part of the trade on us. Hit us with the grand finale of cards. You've spent the whole post giving us the meal now it's time for desert. Sometimes this might be harder than others. Some trades have so much greatness that nailing down the grand finale can be incredibly tough.

Hopefully this helps atleast one person even if that person is me. More than anything I'd love to hear any advice you are willing to share about writing trade posts. As I said earlier these are probably my weakest posts. So any pointers would be greatly appreciated for future postings.


  1. Trade posts can be difficult.

    I like to write about something else while I'm showing the cards from a trade. It keeps me more interested and probably the reader, too.

    But that can be tough to do, too.