Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Wonderful World Of Antiquing

My plans for this past weekend were to hit a local, but small once a year antique fair. The following day was to be the huge once a year antique fair down south. While I had never went to the one down south it seemed like a fun thing to do with the weekend. I still haven't been to the show down south as a trip to the coast came instead.

 If you have ever been to an antique show they can sometimes be a good time. I like to go hit them along with thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets. You never know what kind of baseball or other sports related items you can find at any of the four events.An example would be what I found on Saturday.

Seeing the Babe Ruth stamp on their with the entire envelope had me hooked. You know the whole shiny object. A Babe Ruth stamp on a baseball related envelope I had to get it. Grabbing the envelope I noticed there were five envelopes in the group. Four of the five have the same date stamp with the one lone date being the 24th of May. My assumption is these were planned as some sort of collectable which honestly they didn't become. I picked up all five for the small sum of sixty cents apiece, or three dollars for people like me with terrible math skills.

Doing research on the Babe Ruth stamp I learned it was released July 6th 1983. From what I found they go for fifty cents in mint condition. Stuck to an envelope, and with the date stamp going through it. I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't call mine mint. They don't sell very well as single stamps either, but I didn't buy it to sell so no loss.

Roberto was issued August 17th 1984. The second envelope in the stack drew me into wanting to buy these even more. At this point I starting thinking about how I could possibly put these in some sort of frame in the hobby room. While that is still undecided as I was in for a bit of a shock when it came to the final three envelopes.

I was so thrilled planning what to do with these. I never noticed that the final three all had the same stamp. The oldest of the three stamps used on the envelopes fit right in. This leaves me now only using three envelopes instead f five in whatever I decide to do with them. Three might make doing something easier so its not a total loss. It does mean I have two that can go to anyone out there if you want one. Just let me know, and the one or two you want are all yours.

My one big question for these envelopes is the train stamp. What purpose does it serve being these weren't  going to ever be mailed out. Unless it is some sort of tribute that goes along with the entire 100 Years of Spokane Baseball. I am at a total loss on their purpose. You ask me they take away from the overall look, but taking them off would ruing the stamp so I guess we will never know. I do know that it's finds like this that have me going to events like this antique fair

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  1. Being a former stamp collector, I would say you are probably right, that it ties into the local scene somehow.