Friday, September 20, 2013

Honoring Mariners Owner Hiroshi Yamauchi

Thursday was a dark day when it came to sports that matter here in the cathouse. Adding to the sad news that NAPA had dropped Michael Waltrip Racing. Was the news that Seattle Mariners majority owner Hiroshi Yamauchi died on Thursday morning. Taking all my feelings for the man out of the equation, as right now is not the time to rant on Mr. Yamauchi. The man's purchase of the team is the sole reason we still have baseball in Seattle. If he hadn't stepped to the plate all the games we have enjoyed in Seattle would have never happened. For that I thank you so much Mr. Yamauchi.

Without Mr. Yamauchi stepping up who knows where my baseball collecting would be? All the Mariners games we have gone to for years would never have happened. To see his influence on my collection all you have to do is see the many bobbleheads in the hobby room.

There would be no pocket schedules galore.

And there wouldn't be any Mariners cards in a binder.

Who knows if I would have the same love for baseball? While we have minor league teams in our area things would be so much different without getting to see MLB games every year. When I was collecting baseball cards in the early 90's my girlfriend at the time, and myself would go see Bend Rockies games often. It was a good time, but it wasn't the MLB. The creation of the Colorado Rockies had me thrilled, but that only got me so far. It's still funny that even though we watch the Mariners all the time. I'm a Rockies fan, and always will be at heart.

 Despite all that it wasn't until going to Mariners games with the wife. That baseball would become a passion once again. So for all that I owe Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, and his buying the Mariners. While we go to tons of minor league games the seeing a Mariners game each year still gets me pumped. This doesn't matter how bad the team is.

So thank you Mr. Yamauchi for saving baseball in Seattle, and baseball for this one fan.

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