Saturday, November 15, 2014

No Catchy Title Here

Before going on our journey to So Cal there were two mailers that came in. The first of these was an expected package full of pocket schedules.

Coming from fellow TradingBases member Mark. These beauties arrived a couple days before our exit out of town. Problem was I couldn't come up with a catchy title for the post. From there things went downhill in a hurry when it came to thanking Mark.

Without a title I was lost. A poor soul sitting at a keyboard, but lost at what I should say. Thinking about how I could dream something up before we left town. As you can see by the fact that this post is after the trip. The catchy title never came, and honestly still hasn't showed up.

Problem is Mark deserves something to show how much these schedules are appreciated. He needs to know that these all arrived safe, and sound. Not out roaming the world lost, and looking to arrive at their destination.

So here I am still without that title, but thanking Mark for a sweet package of schedules. It's a little late in its timing, but hopefully still effective in its message. Hopefully next time the catchy title will come to me, and the wait won't be as long for a thank you.

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