Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Still Hurts To Watch 8

As has been the ritual anytime I will be away from blogging for more than a few days. The ever popular 'It Still Hurts To Watch' makes its blogging appearance. Throw in that I am accumulating quite the stack of cards for these posts. Why not give the blogging world another one of these fun little posts.

Honestly I'd love to have something either wise or funny to say, but I don't. What I do have is the first of three cards that feature the ever popular play at the plate.

Great job by Martin in blocking the plate, and getting the out on this card. Amazingly they put the stop on plays like this in 2014, and the card is a 2014 card.

Not the best final card I've shown in all these posts. I honestly can't even confirm that this card represents a play at the plate. The dust all flying through the air, and the fact he is crossing home got this card into the pile.

On a side not of interest. This is the first card I have done in all the posts that shows the back of the card. There are a few more in the pile, but Al Martin can now say he got to be the first.

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