Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jay Gives Me The Business

To say that October was a good month when it comes to my business cards would be an understatement. Not only was I able to add some great cards when I did the big schedule trade early in the month. The month ended with a bang when cards came from another schedule collector Jay.

Starting to get a little more serious into the sports teams business cards. Jay sent out an e-mail to the group looking to trade some of his doubles for new cards. Any time someone does this I jump right on the mail, and look for some new cards for the collection. While most times I come up empty, I keep on trying. This time my trying paid off as Jay had eleven off the top that I needed.

Besides the eleven there was another batch that I had to see before making the decision. Good thing I asked as another fourteen cards made their way into the trade due to this questioning.

Seeing all these great cards had me excited with the thought of adding them into my collection. Now we just had to get through the problem of him finding cards he needed from my traders.

 Luckily for me this wasn't a big problem. Honestly it was probably the easiest part of the entire trade. Most times when I find cards it gets tough as the other person doesn't need near the amount from me. Being his collection is still in the newer stages. Jay needed over 50 cards from my traders list. Knowing the feeling he was suffering from I told him to send the list, and all 50 cards would be on their way. With all these great cards Jay sent my direction. I feel like it was more than a fair trade.

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